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"You've worked hard, but even the most ambitious hit obstacles. Struggling with sales & brand recognition? Let me be your accountability partner, providing tailored insights to overcome challenges. I've been there too, & I'm committed to supporting you for the long game."

Betina Gozo

Nike Global Trainer, Founder of BGTV

Laura entered my life at a crucial career point. As a long-time entrepreneur, I’d never had a mentor who was a woman of color and could truly see my potential. Her invaluable ideas, experience, and accountability transformed my business. Feeling stuck before meeting her, I revamped my website, optimized social media, and engaged more with my audience under her guidance. The results were immediate—online engagement and sales soared, growing my business by 40% in just months. If you want to elevate your business, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Laura.

Kristine Nite

Eye Speak Vintage Kidswear, Brand Founder

Laura has been such an amazing role model and mentor. She’s really helped me understand the importance of setting short term and long time goals for my business that I never took the time to just sit down and dive deep into because my mentality has typically been to sell sell sell. She has helped me navigate away from the road of burning myself out. I have started to say no to doing things that don’t serve my brand and myself.

Gabbi Pascua 

2x Emmy Award Winner & Co-Founder Asob Media 

Laura’s mentorship and support have been crucial during one of my lowest points as a business owner. Experiencing severe burnout, her guidance kept me on task and focused. Laura’s success and comprehensive experience in business were invaluable. She provided empathy, helped me see my blind spots, and offered encouragement. For any business owner struggling alone, know that having a mentor can accelerate your progress. I’m deeply thankful for Laura’s understanding and help. 10/10 Book with her!

Melissa Ramos

Cosmic Cult, Brand Founder

Having Laura as a mentor transformed my journey in the fashion industry, saving me from countless rookie mistakes. Her guidance provided the clarity needed for my business’s advancement and for making smarter decisions. Laura, a legend in the streetwear space admired by icons like Baddie Winkle, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna, is a uniquely authentic and invaluable mentor. I highly recommend her mentoring program to anyone seeking business growth.

Nataly Ohio

Fig & Felix Brand Founder, UK

Working with Laura exceeded my expectations for a mentor-mentee relationship. Laura was friendly, making our session feel like coffee with a supportive friend. She encouraged self-reflection, helping me figure out critical elements for starting my brand. I left feeling challenged, inspired, and excited to continue my journey.

Charlotte Lemaire

Painter & Boutique Owner, France

Opting for Laura as a mentor was a transformative choice. Her mastery in the digital and creative realm fueled the growth of my painting business. Regular sessions with her set the stage for a successful launch of my art career from leaving my finance job. If you’re seeking inspiration and reliable growth, I strongly advise engaging with Laura.

Aurora San Pedro

Mental Health Therapist, USA

“Working with Laura has been incredible. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I wanted to build my brand, and Laura helped me bring it to life. Together, we created a merch line, a journal, and an online store. Her expertise and support have been game changers for my business. Thank you, Laura!”

Bess O’Connor

Wellness Agency Owner, USA

“Laura’s mentorship transformed my agency, blending energetic wisdom with practical strategies for tangible results. Her boundless energy and commitment lit the path to our focused success. She didn’t just talk theory; she helped me fine-tune strategies and make real changes. With Laura’s guidance, I got laser-focused on where I wanted my agency to head—it was like turning on a light in a dark room!”

My Van

Digital Agency Owner, France

Laura’s influence and empathy have left a lasting impression on me. Her accomplishments as an entrepreneur are nothing short of extraordinary. I was grappling with a form of anxiety that considerably affected my creative health. Laura, alleviated this anxiety, consistently encouraging me in our mentorship sessions to conquer fear and self-doubt.


DJ & Music Producer, USA

“Collaborating with Laura was transformative. As a DJ and producer, she helped refine my brand’s direction and foster growth. Her expertise and the vibrant community she built provided invaluable insights. Her course instilled the confidence needed to overcome any business challenge. Laura is an inspiring mentor; her guidance is a must for anyone aspiring to enhance their brand.”

Kimberlin Winn

Professional Dancer, USA

“Hi, I’m Kimberly. Amidst a career transition and COVID, I felt lost until I found Laura. She helped me rediscover my purpose and chart my path. Laura’s one-on-one mentorship is inspiring and transformative. If you’re seeking direction, I can’t recommend Laura enough. She’s made an indelible impact on my life.”

Krystal Knight

Producer & Brand Owner, USA

Laura’s influence on my journey is incredible! Our collaboration clarified my brand, setting the stage for a revitalized launch. Laura’s knack for understanding my business aspirations nudged me to refine my vision for The Vision Vault. I’ve curated my product list for the relaunch, embedding storytelling into my brand. Thanks, Laura, for making this journey profound!