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TO REACH 7-figure success

Tailored weekly 1-on-1 or group mentoring designed for remote founders and freelancers across the globe. Elevating your sales and expanding your global presence is where I shine. Through brand strategy, I am committed to empowering founders of color; I offer invigorating support and accountability. Ready for a transformation? Apply now.

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Welcome! For 12 years, My 1st business, Dimepiece, has empowered thousands worldwide with inspirational designs, driving remarkable achievements. Trust me, I’ve experienced it all and achieved incredible outcomes towards financial freedom. I want you to feel that empowerment and deserve your desired sales.

“Utilizing my method, I promise to transform your brand for global success and profit growth.”

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Customer: Vanessa Lee

Founder and CEO of The Things We Do

Customer: Betina Gozo

Global Nike Trainer & Fitness App Founder

Customer: Sharmadean Reid

Founder and CEO of The Stack World

Customer: Patrice Peck

Award-winning writer & Interdisciplinary Artist

Bess O Connor Agency Owner

Well Spirited Collective

“Laura’s mentorship transformed my agency, blending energetic wisdom with practical strategies for tangible results. Her boundless energy and commitment lit the path to our focused success. She didn’t just talk theory; she helped me fine-tune strategies and make real changes. With Laura’s guidance, I got laser-focused on where I wanted my agency to head—it was like turning on a light in a dark room!” –  Dec 2023

Her Why Visionary, based in Los Angeles, CA, refined her sales strategies and achieved 20% growth, leading to the expansion of her agencies team.

“Laura’s mentorship was a beacon during my toughest times, blending personal support with professional guidance to navigate burnout and keep moving forward. Her experience and empathy were invaluable, making the journey less lonely and more achievable. Her ability to spot my blind spots and keep me focused on my vision was crucial. To any entrepreneur thinking they can go it alone, Laura’s support proves many hands make light work. I am forever grateful for her space of acceptance and actionable steps toward success. Absolutely recommend her 10/10!” – Dec 2023

Her Why Visionary, based in Los Angeles, CA, By fine-tuning her agency’s systems and recovering from burnout, she also enhanced her social media presence by 30%.

“Laura empowered me to recognize and embrace my strengths, guiding me to showcase my business proudly. Her encouragement was key to unlocking my confidence. I am immensely grateful for this eye-opening journey. Beyond merely being a business mentor, Laura has been a beacon of inspiration. She didn’t just help me grow my business; she helped me grow as a person. She instilled in me a newfound confidence in my professional abilities, the unique qualities I bring to my work, and the value of my vision.” – Nov 2022

Her Why Visionary from New York launched her vintage upcycling kidswear business increased her visibility by 30%.

Van.lo Digital Agency

“Laura has been such an inspiration, and she’s also very compassionate. As an entrepreneur, her achievements have been remarkable. I struggled with some anxiety that significantly impacted my creative well-being. Laura took away my anxiety & encouraged me through all the mentoring sessions to overcome fear. I’m so grateful.”

Her Why Visionary from Zurich, Switzerland, launched her Digital Creator Workshop which increased her revenue by 40%.

Fig & Fenix Art Brand  

“Laura exceeded my expectations for a mentor-mentee relationship. Laura was friendly, making our session feel like coffee with a supportive friend. She encouraged self-reflection, helping me identify critical elements for starting my brand. I left feeling challenged, inspired, and excited to continue our journey together.”

Her Why Visionary from London, UK, launched her site & was empowered around her cultural identity. Which increased her sales & visibility by 35%.

Hak The Label Jewelry Brand

Her guidance and support have helped me unlock different parts of the business I haven’t thought of and set up meetings with leaders and million-dollar enterprises to learn from. Most importantly, Laura truly wants to see my brand grow and is genuinely passionate about it. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mentor in the biz world.

Her Why Visionary from Oman, UAE, scaled her global sales to 40% & found confidence in her SMB.

What am I investing in?

Upgrade & Succeed

Join our 4-6 month mentorship program to get advice, quick-hit course content, and success chats with top biz leaders.

Focus & Connect

Make your goals a reality with Laura’s guidance and feedback from your fellow mentees. Real Accountability.

Grow, Win, & Pioneer

Keep leveling up with community support and never-ending personal and professional growth.

Energizing Group Mentoring

Get Tailored Feedback

Private Community Support

1:1 Calls with Seven-Figure Biz Owners

Did you know mentorship is underrated? While most leaders, CEOs, & POC professionals think mentoring is crucial to success, only 37% of mentoring believers currently work with a mentor.

Not me, I'm ready.

Key Outcomes & How Does This Work?

Rapid Scaling

Unified Vision

Focused Growth

Enhanced Cash Sales

4 Calls Per Month

Unlimited Q&A

Pay by Subscription

Cancel at Anytime

“Under Laura’s mentorship, leaders of fast-growing brands have secured $15M in investments and $35M in enterprise value, revolutionizing POC industries. Endorsed by Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba and partnered with Nike, Google, and American Express, these pioneers are reshaping the game.”

Enrolment for 2024 is now open

Her Why Pioneer VIP

For Teams. Bi-weekly luxe exec mentoring, KPI's , 3 Laura sessions, 1:1 calls with top entrepreneurs.


Visionaries Plus+

Bi-weekly luxe group mentoring, Her Why Circle, 2 Laura sessions, 1:1 calls with top entrepreneurs.


Clarity Call

1:1 call: Tailored guidance, enhance value, find clarity, & decide confidently. 55 min



What is the Her Why Method?

Looking to conquer your industry after half a decade in the biz? Meet the HER WHY Method. It’s a mixed bag of live and recorded sessions, practical worksheets, and zero distractions. Real-time business growth, with a side of foundational wisdom to outshine your rivals. HWM – it’s the secret sauce your expansion recipe was missing. And remember, it’s seasoned just for you as a POC Founder.

BrandScript Boss: Use this foundational strategy tool to make your customer the hero of their story, with your brand as their guide, ensuring your marketing and sales efforts are always customer-focused.
Global Growth & Unstoppable Demand: Drive international success by offering irresistible products or services to customers worldwide, clamoring for more, thus catapulting your profits. Achieve the coveted “Sold Out” status.
E-commerce Launch Legends: Master the art of project managing a brand launch & become a legend in the world of e-commerce and/or a service-based biz.
Drive Your Expansion: Uncover growth engagement strategies tailored for your target audience and establish a momentum that’s impossible to overlook.
Brand Maverick: Unleashing Your Inner Pioneer Founder: Build a reputable brand based on authority, consistency, 6-7 figure sales, & a compelling ‘WHY.’
Sustaining & Thriving: Securing Customer Retention & Preventing Fatigue: Discover strategies for nurturing customer retention, staving off exhaustion, enriching user interaction, and safeguarding your brand value for continued growth.
Community Cultivation: Develop strategies to foster a thriving community around your brand, enhancing loyalty and driving engagement. Diversify your reach as a POC founder.
What is a Success Call? Step up to Visionairies+ and participate in success consultations uniquely designed for your specialty. Engage with peers navigating the exciting world of 7-figure entrepreneurship for an intensive 60-minute discussion (via Zoom). Enrich your experience with us, all from the cozy confines of your home.

Customer Testimonial: “Just had a mind-blowing success call with Monica Glass, founder of Clear As Day, thanks to Laura’s facilitation. Despite her busy schedule, Monica shared invaluable insights on origins, team building, marketing, design, and overcoming challenges. Her wisdom-packed stories offered industry tips I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Monica’s time was priceless, and I’ll cherish her shared insights. Grateful to Laura for connecting us!” – Kathleen from Nurture State, Her Why Customer

How will this transform my Biz?


  1. Drowning in online business growth information.
  2. Sparse sales and fleeting customer loyalty.
  3. Lost control over business finances and operations.
  4. Fear-driven and impulsive decisions.
  5. Limited e-commerce/service offerings.
  6. Low brand recognition.
  7. Insufficient web and physical distribution.
  8. Absent and confusing marketing strategy.
  9. Ineffective customer communication.
  10. Limited production resources and team-building knowledge.
  11. Influencers promoting other brands.
  12. Isolation, exhaustion, and stress.
  13. Impatience and lack of rewards.
  14. Anxiety surrounding social media.
  15. Exhaustion from lack of representation.
  16. Low engagement on social media channels.
  17. Limited access to successful founders’ insights.
  18. Limited sales and online checkouts


  1. Gain hyper-clarity and cut through the noise.
  2. Engage loyal customers who refer your brand.
  3. Scale your business and retire early.
  4. Confident and calculated decisions.
  5. Offer extensive, customer-focused products/services.
  6. Gain press and influencer attention.
  7. Maximize sales with a tailored Omnichannel strategy.
  8. Share your brand story effectively.
  9. Build strong and meaningful customer relationships.
  10. Connect with reliable manufacturers and expert teams.
  11. Attract cultural influencers and celebrities.
  12. Feel supported, focused, and fulfilled.
  13. Celebrate wins and embrace your unique journey.
  14. Conquer social media anxiety.
  15. Collaborate with BIPOC business owners for change.
  16. Create a movement and captivate your audience.
  17. Generous community with full access to expert wisdom.
  18. Consistent sales growth, solid margins for brand enhancement, and doubled last year’s revenue.

When does it start?

January 2023 – Boost sales in just 4 months with the Founders Brand Maverick Movement course. Leverage influence to achieve 5-figure sales.

Why is it priced this way?

The price is a steal for the exclusive access to Laura’s 15+ year unparalleled industry expertise, insights, and network – which cannot be found in any classroom, online course, YouTube, or Tik Tok video. You will get actionable steps to achieve your goals faster, with Laura’s support to ensure real results.

How fast will it work?

The HER WHY Method program is designed to be flexible and effective – it spans 4-6 months, and its effectiveness depends on your work ethic. As a member, you’ll receive ongoing support from the team through weekly Zoom sessions, group mentoring, and office hours – no artificial limits on how often you can talk with us. Our program is entirely virtual and self-guided, so you can take it at your own pace and get lifetime access to everything.

We prioritize rest, so we’ve built a Break Week midway through the program to give you time to recharge and return even stronger. Plus, all group calls are recorded and sent to you for study or recap material, so you won’t miss a thing.

Can the lessons be be applied to a Global Market?

The lessons learned in the HWM can be applied to any business, regardless of the country. You’ll learn the ins and outs of building a profitable, sustainable business using best-in-class, proven methods and Laura´s 15+ years of entrepreneur experience, including failures.

While the legal and financial information in the program is based on U.S. laws, all of the lessons can be applied to any business by serving as a guide of what entrepreneurs need to know to have their businesses in order and also to protect your biz. Our visionaries are from various time zones around the globe, and we find the perfect time and groups to fit your busy schedule.

The HWM is only offered in English.

What is the Refund Policy?

We assure satisfaction, underpinned by top-notch offerings, exceptional support, and timely solutions to challenges. Dedicate 4 to 6 months to us, invest your effort, and if satisfaction eludes you within 4 weeks of your initial deposit, a simple email to will secure a full refund. Upholding the principle that the customer is always right, we prioritize respect and transparency in our interactions.

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